Selling to the High Steadiness Behavioral Style

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  • Tone of Voice: Are they soft-spoken and slow paced? Do they seem calm and cooperative?
  • Conversation: Are they relaxed? Do they go slowly and explain fully? Does this person seem cooperative and helpful?  Do they seem uncertain?

If you can answer yes to these questions, the person you are communicating with probably has High Steadiness behavioral tendencies as part of their primary style.

How They Communicate: Patient, Predictable, Cooperative

What They Wants: Security, Stability

What They Fear: Sudden change, Loss of security

Information They Need to Make a Decision: Time, Understanding of how product/service will add security, Assurance and guarantees

How to sell or provide service to them: Stress support provided, Be casual and informal, Build rapport and trust, Be sequential and organized

Words to use: Guarantees, Insure, Think about it, Help me out, Ask “How” questions