Selling to the High Dominance Behavioral Style

When trying to persuade someone to your point of view or sell to them, it is important to know what they want, what they fear, and the information they need to make a decision. Over the next four weeks we will be discussing clues you can gather within the very first conversation to quickly gain better insight into a person’s behavioral style. With that information, you will be able to adapt your approach and communication, and have more success selling them your idea, service or product.



  • Tone of Voice: Is this person loud? Are they forceful? Do they come across as self-assured?
  • Conversation: Is the discussion to the point? Do they seem to dominate and direct the conversation? Are they impatient, frequently interrupt you, or even seem argumentative at times?


If you can answer yes to these questions, the person you are communicating with probably has  High Dominance behavioral tendencies as part of their primary style.

How They Communicate: Direct, Forceful, Decisive

What They Wants: Results, Control

What They Fear: Loss of control, Being taken advantage of

Information They Need to Make a Decision: What the product/service will do for them, Options and probabilities

How to sell or provide service to them: Stress results and the bottom line, Be efficient, Be on time, Stick to business

Words to use: Results, New, Challenging, Lead the field, Win, Options, Fast, Ask “What” questions