Nonverbal Behavioral Style Clues: Standing Styles

Paying attention and understanding nonverbal behavioral style clues is the first step into increasing your understanding of others in your personal and professional life. Last week we discussed the clues to look for when determining a person’s DISC style while observing the way they walk. This week, you will learn to decipher a person’s DISC styles based on their stance.

Week Two: Standing StylesStanding Styles

High Dominance Clues:

  • Usually stands with one foot in front
  • Weight on front foot
  • Talks with their hands using linear gestures
  • Fingers pointed

High Influence Clues:

  • Stands with feet apart
  • Sways to the music they hear in their head
  • Talks with their hands or has both hands in their pockets
  • Uses circular gestures

High Steadiness Clues:

  • Stance very much like the “D” but weight is on the back foot
  • Hand on hip
  • Hands clasped in front
  • Uses minimal hand gestures

High Compliance Clues:

  • Stands slightly sideways
  • Arms folded in front or one hand on chin
  • They touch their face more than any other style

Up next week: Sitting Styles