Understanding and Identifying the High Utilitarian Motivator

Week Two: High Utilitarian Pennies

“A penny saved is a penny gained.” -Chinese Proverb 

Listen For References To:

  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Investment or saving strategies
  • Games like Monopoly and Risk
  • Return on investment


  • Practicality in all areas of life
  • Creative appreciation of resources, saving money
  • Capitalism


  • Workaholic
  • Little concern for others


  • Wasted resources, time, materials, and/or services
  • Investments with inadequate or not return

When Questioned:

  • May focus on monetary implications, what’s in it for them,  or  what is practical

Favorite App:

  • Groupon
  • Mint.com

Classic Example:

  • Donald Trump

Coming Week Three: High Aesthetic Motivator