Maximum Potentional

Maximum Potentional – Certified Distributor

Maximum Potential

SELECT Associate Screening System

A pre-employment screening tool to identify work-related behaviors such as Positive Service Attitude, Accountability, Frustration Tolerance, Acceptance of Diversity, Multi-tasking and more, plus a Validity Check and Integrity Index. Each customized report includes a step by step interview guide including recommended interview questions.

The following reports are available:

  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Support
  • Retail Sales Associates
  • Entry Level Retail Management
  • Call Centers
  • Production & Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Personal Service
  • Convenience Store Associates
  • Hospitality
  • Office Staffing


SalesMax helps the organization select top performing salespeople. SalesMax is a predictive, well validated, paperless, and computerized testing system. It is designed to evaluate whether your professional sales candidates have the underlying personality to be effective in a consultative sales job. SalesMax also measures the candidate’s knowledge of effective sales strategies at various stages of the sales cycle and his or her motivational needs.