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The Prevue™ Assessment is a fifth generation, fully web enabled, psychometric instrument capable of providing a complete job fit analysis. Prevue is utilized; as a pre employment assessment in external recruiting, for internal advancement, in coaching and counseling, training and development, in relationship improvement and succession planning. Prevue™ also provides a working characteristics report to better understand the needs of individuals towards optimal performance.

[symple_toggle title=”The process of intelligently choosing, keeping and motivating staff is one of the most difficult tasks a company can face and one of the most costly.”] Do you know how much employee turnover is costing you?

Well-researched surveys reveal that it can cause monetary damages of up to 35% or more of the annual salary for most positions! Not to mention wasting time and energy on dealing with bad hires, instead of helping good hires excel.

By using the Prevue Assessment to identify and quantify the important qualities, learning abilities, interests and work related personality traits of employees, your company will experience increased productivity and a reduction in costly turnovers.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”The most common model to measure preferred behavioral styles is known as the “Big Five.””]

It identifies five personality dimensions: [symple_highlight color=”yellow”]Openness (Unconventional[/symple_highlight], [symple_highlight color=”blue”]Conscientiousness[/symple_highlight], [symple_highlight color=”green”]Extraversion[/symple_highlight], [symple_highlight color=”red”]Agreeableness[/symple_highlight] (Likeable), and [symple_highlight color=”green”]Neuroticism (Stable) or “OCEAN” for short[/symple_highlight]. These five independent factors can normally be found distributed across large groups of adults and are easily define:

  • Openness (Unconventional): How adventurous or open to new ideas a person is ranging from curious, unstructured, and venturesome to predictable, closed, structured, and rules oriented.
  • Conscientiousness: How persistent, motivated, and organized an individual is. The scale can range from highly dependable and disciplined to lackadaisical and carefree.
  • Extraversion: Measures what the focus of a person’s emotional energy is: outgoing, dominant, social, and ambitious or shy, quiet, and introverted.
  • Agreeableness (Likeable): How pleasant and agreeable are they? From warm, tolerant, and tactful to assertive, tough-minded, direct, and skeptical.
  • Neuroticism (Stable): Involves the degree to which a person is emotionally stable and resistant to stress. They can be self-confident, calm, adjusted, and poised or at the other extreme; often anxious and nervous.


[symple_toggle title=”Prevue offers a critical feature many assessments don’t”] By making use of the completely automated Prevue Benchmarks, you will be given a Selection Report that not only analyzes the work-related characteristics of the candidates, but also contains a customizable comparison of their traits to the traits of someone ideally qualified for the position.

Prevue will allow you to build Benchmarks easily, quickly, and economically for all the positions within your company by analyzing the characteristics of top performers in a given position, as well as using management surveys.

Not only does the Prevue Assessment help with incoming job applicants, but it can provide valuable insight into the abilities, interests, motivations and personalities of current employees. When you ensure that your organization is meeting the needs of its staff, you will notice an increase in overall job satisfaction and loyalty, and a decrease in turnover.

Additionally, Prevue Benchmarks can be compared to the employee’s results to reveal areas requiring additional training and coaching and a succession plan can be developed to map out future openings within you company. With this knowledge you will be able to promote wisely from within your organization with employees who have been identified and trained in advance.[/symple_toggle]

[symple_toggle title=”Hiring and Retention Solutions Reports“]

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Selection Report:[/symple_highlight] The Prevue Benchmark is compared to an individual’s assessment to illustrate their personal suitability for a position. Applicant is given a “Job Suitability” score when compared to an ideal profile and Behavioral Interview Questions are provided to assist management in delving into the areas of concern that might have been revealed.

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Working Characteristics Report:[/symple_highlight] Complements the Selection Report by providing insight into a candidate’s business-related behavior and answers five questions:

  • What is this person’s perception of the world?
  • How does this person want to be paid?
  • How does this person deal with change?
  • What priority does this person give to work?
  • Does this person make risky decisions?


[symple_toggle title=”Development and Coaching Solutions Reports“]

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Personal Development Report:[/symple_highlight] Catering to a specific position, this assessment assists management in coaching and developing employees . With insight and training tips an employee’s effectiveness can be maximized in a new or existing position.

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Corporate Coach:[/symple_highlight] Available in a “Coach” or “Candidate” version, this report contains tips designed for executive coaches. Nine important related areas dealing with an executive’s approach are:

  • Focus on work: works to live vs. lives to work
  • Approach to new ventures: cautious vs. optimistic
  • Leadership style: democratic vs. commanding
  • Preference to change: likes routine vs. likes change
  • Approach to conflict: forceful vs. accommodating
  • Compensation preference: fixed salary vs. commission/bonus
  • Approach to self promotion: reluctant vs. assured
  • Approach to risk taking: careful vs. daring
  • Approach to listening: controlling vs. sympathetic

There are also sixteen individual personality and interest characteristics for the executive:

  • Working with people
  • Working with data
  • Working with things
  • Diplomatic/ Independent
  • Cooperative/ Competitive
  • Submissive/ Assertive
  • Spontaneous/ Conscientious
  • Innovative/ Conventional
  • Reactive/ Organized
  • Introvert/ Extrovert
  • Self-Sufficient/ Group-Oriented
  • Reserved/ Outgoing
  • Emotional/ Stable
  • Restless/ Poised
  • Excitable/ Relaxed
  • Social Desirability

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Succession/Career Planning Report:[/symple_highlight] Answers the question, “What is the best fit for this employee within our company?” by defining and comparing the employee’s personality traits, interests, and abilities to the Prevue Benchmark for various jobs within the organization.

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Individual Report:[/symple_highlight] A simple report that compares an individual’s assessment to that of the general working population.


[symple_toggle title=”Succession Planning and Promotion Solutions Reports“]

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Succession Planning Report:[/symple_highlight] Uses Prevue Benchmark to match the best employee for a position within your company based off their individual abilities, personality traits, and interests. Available in a Multi-Candidate or Multi-Position format.

[symple_highlight color=”red”]Personal Development Report:[/symple_highlight] Position based report that provides training tips and insight for management to develop employees and to be fully staffed with the right people in the right jobs within the organization.


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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print our sample reports. You can download it free by clicking here.

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