Krista Sheets

Krista S. Sheets, President CPBA/CPMA

Krista has been creating ROP = Return on People™ for clients since 1997. Her approach equips team leaders with a set of powerful objective tools that yield measurable results. Her companies are trusted by Financial Professionals, Government Agencies, and corporations of all sizes. Together they develop team performance strategies to unlock growth potential and fine-tune the intra-team dynamics needed for success.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Krista realized from an early age that people were an organization’s greatest asset. This perspective led her to become a respected expert in the behavioral and motivational elements that can make or break a team. Part mentor, part team architect, Krista shows clients how to apply assessment tools and organizational best practices to consistently produce highly-engaged and high-performing teams.

Krista speaks frequently at industry conferences and discussion panels. She often contributes articles and interviews to trade publications and co-authored the book, “Know Service – 5 Steps to 5-Star Service for Financial Professionals.”

As President of Competitive Edge, Inc., Krista sets corporate strategy, develops partnerships, and engages clients as the company’s lead trainer.

People are your organization’s value. To win, learn your players’ actions and reactions — what drives them. That’s how you build your playbook for success.

~ Krista Sheets